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Greetings to all students, family and whanau!  Your NCEA Level 1 English journey is about engaging positively with the written, visual and spoken word.  We hope you will have a great time and work closely with our teachers to build a strong foundation for NCEA and your future.

To achieved Level 1 NCEA you will need 10 Level 1 literacy credits, which are available from a range of subjects.  Every credit you earn in English this year will count towards your total.  Pukekohe High School has a strong tradition of students achieving NCEA Level 1 literacy, so we look forward to your continuation of this. 

We encourage you to seek advice and support at the earliest point of concern.  Please don't hesitate to contact us.  Have a great year!

April, 2018
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1.1 Written Texts
1.1 Studied written texts
1.1 Examples of Examination Essays
1.1 Framework for Literary Essays
Check your paragraphs
Constructing your conclusion
Essay writing tips
How to Write the Perfect Body Paragraph
The Seamless weaving of evidence into a paragraph
Writing an introduction to your essay
1.3 Unfamiliar Texts
1.3 Unfamiliar Texts
Basic Language features
Language features and their effects
Responding to language techniques
responding to unfamiliar texts revision guide
Worksheet - Recognising language features
1.4 Creative Writing
1.4 Creative Writing
1.4 Exemplar passages - Now and Then
1.4 Conflict and Resolution
1.4 Up Close and Personal-1
1.5 Formal Writing
1.5 Formal Writing
1.5 Exemplars for Making a Point
1.5 Second Task - Here's What I Think
1.5 Template for 5-paragraph essay
1.6 Oral Presentation
90857 - Oral Presentation - Exemplars.
Student Task Sheet
Assessment sheet
1.7 Visual Assessment
Student Task Sheet
Assessment sheet
1.8 Making Connections
1.8 Exemplars of Connections Reports
90852 Student task sheet 2015
NZQA Exemplars
Produce Creative Writing
Produce Formal Writing
Making Connections
Oral Presentation