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Course Outline
Year 9 Student Handout 2017

Year 9 Science

Science Fair resources are here ----->
Check out this website for ideas! www.sciencebuddies.org 

Course Composition

This course is made up of five science units.


UNIT       Time Allowance
 Nature of Science (including Science Fair)     21 periods
 Chemical Building Blocks  18
 Living World        18
 Get Moving          18
 Food for Life        18
 Optional topic       15


At the end of each unit there will be a written knowledge test. In addition, there will be a test of one of the scientific skills, (including practical skills) with each unit.


1E5 exercise book listed on the school stationery list. It is your responsibility to purchase a new exercise book as the old one is filled. You will also need to purchase a Year 9 Science Home Learning Book with your stationery (available from Paperplus).

All students are expected to come to class with a pencil case, pens, a pencil, a rubber, ruler, calculator, glue stick and scissors.


There is no set Science textbook which you can take home, but you will be issued with any relevant textbooks required on a period by period basis.

Home Learning

It is expected that students will do home learning every day they have Science at school (three times a week).  Students will get a home learning book for each topic with tasks that relate to the lessons completed in class time. 

What parents can do:

  • Monitor student diaries
  • Encourage a set time for home learning (science home learning will usually take 15 to 20 mins)
  • Encourage students to complete home learning and hand in assignments
  • Encourage students to put time into studying for assessments
  • Encourage students to catch up work missed through absence
  • Monitor students’ achievement
  • Attend parent interview evenings – we look forward to meeting you


  • Entering the New South Wales Science competition
  • Franklin Science Fair
  • Big Science Video Competition