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Course Information

Course Information

The Year 10 English programme is where you start to prepare for the NCEA journey ahead.     You will learn even more about about how skilful language users create meaning in written, visual and oral texts.  You will also continue to develop your own skills as writers and presenters in order to be  successful on the next stage of your journey..  

Course Outline
Yr10 Course Outline
Assessment Criteria
Creating Meaning
Making Meaning
Unit Front Sheets
Yr10 Formal Writing
Yr10 Unfamiliar Texts
Course Calendar
Junior Calendar2015
Dept Scheme
1. Creative Writing.doc.doc
2. Junior English Formal Writing Pages.doc.doc
3. Junior Section of the Scheme.doc.doc
4. Most recent English Dept Scheme.doc.doc
5. Oral Presentation.doc.doc
6. Personal Reading.doc.doc
7. Presenting.doc.doc
8. Viewing Unfamiliar Texts.doc.doc
9. Visual Literature Section.doc.doc
10. Visual Presentation Yr10.doc.doc
11. Visual Presentation.doc.doc
12. Written Literature Section.doc.doc
13. Yr9 Visual Presentation.doc.doc