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Welcome to Social Studies

Social Studies is aimed at giving you skills to be able to understand, participate in and contribute to the local, national and global communities.

To be a part of these communities you need an understanding of the bi-cultural  nature of New Zealand and the multi-cultural nature of the world community.

You will gain skills in questioning, gathering and information, understanding ideas and values of people. As well you will be encouraged to consider actions that others take and you could take as a citizen in response to an issue.


Focus on Global Citizenship

All students will need to be taking part in activities that show their involvement in the 'global community' - this means within school, the local area, regionally, nationally and internationally. Teachers will be helping students to be involved by highlighting opportunities and doing some class activities. Some examples are - 40 Hour Famine organiser or participant, ANZAC day commemorations, coaching a sports team, writing letters to the editor, being part of the Race Relations week activities, Cleaning up the community.

Starship Foundation - Old mobile phone donations - Do you have old mobile phones at home that you don't want any more? Then donate them to the school as part of the fundraiser by the Starship Foundation. The school can also win prizes of useful technology for the school. Any old phones can be handed to Mrs Yeomans in M17. Thanks for helping Starship and preventing dangerous goods going into landfills.


April, 2018
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Active Global Citizenship
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