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NCEA Level 3

Social Studies in based on three distinct areas:

Psychology – the study of individual traits and behaviours. Though it is said ‘no man is an island unto himself’. It can focus on thinking of yourself above others i.e. in your climb to the top, disregarding those you trample (not considering anyone but yourself!)

Sociology – the study of the development of society. Can an individual’s actions influence the way our society develops or is society too powerful to be affected by the insignificance of the individual?

Philosophy – taking a deeper look at the meaning of life and how we live.


Content alters from year to year depending on what is happening in our community/nation/the world – though the course follows a pattern - it is merely the content that changes.

The necessary skills and an understanding of the way social scientists work must be understood and ultimately practised.

Specific concepts must be understood and the ability to ascertain different viewpoints.

Largely it is concerned with the impact of diversity on people and society, and how people and society respond to challenges.

Through these studies you will develop skills in research, valuing, social decision making and resource interpretation.

The desired outcome is to support students to become effective and valuable members of society in whatever roles and responsibilities they have in the future.

January, 2018
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Course Outline Social StudiesLevel Three 2016
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