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Course Aims:

The study of Geography at Level One is divided into two main topics which are referred to as Achievement Objectives; ‘Understand that natural and cultural environments have particular characteristics and how environments have been shaped by processes that create spatial patterns’ and ‘Understand how people interact with natural and cultural environments and that this interaction has consequences’.  These Achievement Objectives shape the course of our year’s study and allow us to explore a more contemporary geography that deals with current topical issues.  Throughout the course of the year we will look at topics that include; Extreme Natural Events (E.N.E’s) such as Flooding in Pakistan and Australia, Population concepts such as catering for growing and aging populations, Sustainable use of environments such as the kaitiaki of our rivers and streams (Waikato River and the Indus River) and various other current geographical issues that may arise throughout the course of the year.

This course will support prior knowledge and ideas through the exploration of geographic processes and concepts while using internal assessment to reinforce the concepts and ideas needed for external examinations.

Key Objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of the processes, both cultural and natural, that interact to create different environments.
  • To develop an understanding of the inter-relations that exist between and within natural and cultural processes.
  • To develop and apply techniques used in geographic inquiry and interpretation – mapping, field work, written and group participation skills.
  • To develop an awareness of people in our own and other societies and cultures.
  • To foster self accountability.
This level one course is designed to give you a small insight into the world around you through the study of contemporary geographic issues and the way in which people relate to their environment.  We will look at how current population pressures shape the environment in which we live while looking at how these pressure lead us to become more vulnerable to natural disasters and events.

Level One Geography Matrix:

Level 1 Geography consists of a maximum 25 creditsThree achievement standards will be internally assessed and will total 13 credits.  Up to three achievement standards will be externally assessed and will total 12 credits.  This high number of credits on offer allows students greater flexibility in the ‘make up’ of their final program.

Learning Pathways:

Level Two:

Year 11 Geography will give you a good skills foundation for all social science subjects in particular Year 12 Geography.

Level Three:

Year 11 Geography teaches many of the geographic skills that are needed in Year 13 Geography whilst giving you the time to practice and refine these.

Tertiary Study:

Social Sciences (Anthropology, Geography, History, Travel and Tourism), Education, Hospitality, Photogrammetrist, Urban and Regional Planning, Surveying, G.I.S Anaylist, Sciences (Geology, Earth Sciences, Geomorphology, Climatology), Business Analyst, Real Estate.


Miss Glass

gl@pukekohehigh.school.nz - M14

Mrs Yeomans

ye@pukekohehigh.school.nz - M17

April, 2018
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