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Year 12 Outdoor Education


This course offers a wide range of different outdoor experiences. These include…


first aid, snorkelling, kayaking, adventure based learning, mountain biking, tramping, camping, abseiling and rock climbing. 


Through these activities students will learn practical and interpersonal skills, develop confidence in themselves, and work with others co-operatively and collaboratively.





There are five basic expectations that we have to promote personal success and growth in outdoor education:

Positivity, taking responsibility, respect, commitment, and looking out for others


There are five basic expectations that we have to ensure academic success in the subject:

attendance, attitude, effort, equipment, and fees






It would be a good idea to start thinking about what kind of gear you already have, and what you may need to purchase before going on the practical trips (kayaking, mountain biking and tramping in particular). Please note that cotton clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, shorts, etc) is not allowed on any trip after the snorkeling trip. Failing to have the correct gear will result in students not going on the trip. You will be given complete gear lists before trips.


Here is a brief overview of some of the key gear that you will need that the school does not have available for you to use. It should not cost a lot to get the right gear.


  • Clothing – polypropylene or merino wool thermals (top and bottom), fleece top and pants, nylon shorts, woollen socks and beanie
  • Tramping boots or shoes
  • Warm winter sleeping bag


Do not rush out and buy these items as we can get good deals as a school. Kathmandu offers the Outdoor Education students at Pukekohe High School a week long period where they are able to purchase items off the gear list at a heavily reduced price – We will let you know when this week is going to be.




The standards



Unit Std




U/S 4383

Snorkel dive with safety

Able to: use and maintain snorkel dive equipment; execute snorkel dives with safety; and perform snorkel dives.



U/S 4400

Identify marine species

Able to: demonstrate knowledge of and locate the marine species common to a dive site.



U/S 489

Demonstrate sea kayaking skills

Able to: select appropriate clothing and equipment; transport and handle kayaking equipment; demonstrate strokes which are effective on sheltered or slow-moving water in a sea kayak; demonstrate skills in safety and rescue procedures for sea kayaking; and demonstrate understanding for the care of self, others and the environment.



U/S 26551

Provide first aid

Able to: assess the scene for hazards; assess the casualty for life-threatening conditions; and provide first aid for life-threatening conditions.




U/S 26552

Provide resuscitation

Able to: identify and describe common first aid conditions; and describe how to respond to them.



U/S 467

Adventure based learning (ABL)

Able to: demonstrate personal and social development through participation in an adventure based learning (ABL) programme; and demonstrate safe practices in ABL activities.



U/S 457

Mountain biking

Able to: prepare for mountain biking, and complete mountain bike rides on intermediate to expert terrain.



U/S 426

Experience camping

Able to: prepare for camping, establish campsites, experience camp living, and leave campsites with minimal impact on the environment.



U/S 425

Experience day tramps

Able to: prepare for, complete, and evaluate day tramps using a map.


3 & 4

U/S 20157

Demonstrate basic rope systems for rock climbing and abseiling

Able to: demonstrate the care and use of rock climbing gear; demonstrate belay and knot skills on top rope climbs; and complete self-protected abseils.



U/S 444

Demonstrate basic rock climbing

Able to: demonstrate spotting and climbing techniques, and identify issues related to climbing.




        Total credits offered: 26





The Year 12 Outdoor Education course fee is $320. This covers the cost of gear hire, transport accommodation, and specialist instructors


This can be paid to the student center at school:

  1. Paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the year
  2. Paid in smaller lumps throughout the year
  3. Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly automatic payments can also be set up


Payments need to start during term one, ideally before we have gone on any trips. Failure to pay the course fee will result in the student not going on trips.


Assessment Information



It is all internally assessed – there is no external exam at the end of the year.


Each student must complete theory work that relates to each of the unit standards this year. That then allows them to experience the practical part of Outdoor Education, the trips. In order for students to attend the practical assessments they must:


  • Have competed the written theory assessment on time
  • Demonstrate practical competence at school prior to the trips
  • Have the correct gear
  • Pay their fees
  • Attend class and be a positive contributing member of class
  • Return permission slips on time (prior to the day of the trip!!!)


Up to date medical information is essential for the safe planning of practical assessments.  Any undeclared changes to your medical profile may result in you being sent home.


If a practical assessment is missed due to illness or injury where possible we will try to provide an alternative assessment opportunity but this may not always be possible. There will be no opportunity to re-assess as a result of simply failing to attend an assessment.


YOU are responsible for making sure that you are up to date with your school work and assessments in other subjects. If you have an out of school trip in Outdoor Education that clashes with an assessment in another subject it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to sort this out with your subject teacher.


We expect that you are well organised and motivated to achieve in this course. Your teachers are here to facilitate your learning but they cannot make you learn. We will provide you with the information and support but you must step up and take ownership of your own learning this year.



All the best,


Mr. Forch                                           Miss Kirkpatrick

HoD Outdoor Education                 PE & OE teacher

Outdoor Education develops essential skills for my future. Discuss.
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