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This course of study includes 6 achievement standards totaling 24 credits.



Achievement Standard

Module Description

Let’s Get Active


5 credits

1.1 Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence your participation.


The activities include team sports, individual sports, a novel skill activity and fitness related activities. Students must be actively involved in the physical activities.

The Body in Action



5 credits

1.2 Describe the function of the body as it relates to the performance of physical activity.

Participate in a prescribed activity programme and examine how the body moves by applying anatomical and biomechanical principles and investigate basic physiological responses to physical activity.


Skill Performance


3 credits

1.3 Demonstrate quality movement in the performance of a physical activity.

Measure level of performance of a variety of physical skills against set standards in cross country, winter sports, juggling and ki o rahi.

Look at This


4 credits

1.4 Describe the societal influences on physical activity and the implications for self and others.


Describe how societal influences on physical activity affects you and others.

Let’s Get the Best Out of Our Team


4 credits

1.5 Demonstrate interpersonal skills in a group and explain how these skills impact on others.

Demonstrate interpersonal skills and develop their use to enhance the functioning of the team in volleyball.

Improving My Performance


3 credits

1.6 Demonstrate strategies to improve the performance of a physical activity and describe the outcomes.

Analyse skill performance and develop strategies to improve the performance and evaluate the effect these strategies had when learning to juggle.





1.1 (Volleyball and Cross Country), 1.2 (Exercise Physiology Test ), 1.5 (Using inter-personal skills in volleyball).


1.1 (Cross Country and Winter Sports) 1.2 (Anatomy and Biomechanics)
1.3 (Skills Performance in Cross Country and Winter Sports).


1.3 (Skills Performance in Juggling and Ki o rahi), 1.4 (Societal influences on your physical activity)  1.6 (Using strategies in learning to juggle).


Re-assessment opportunities


  • All achievement standards are internally assessed,There is no external examination

    at the end of the year.  This means that you must be prepared to work hard all year to ensure that you reach your learning goals.  Achieved, achieved with merit and achieved with excellence grades are offered in each achievement standard.

  • There is a significant practical component in the course.It is expected that students will participate to a satisfactory level to reinforce the learning gained in theory-based lessons.Students who do not meet minimum participation levels in the practical activities will not achieve module 1.1 and possibly the associated standards.

  • Students who are not present for an assessment due to sickness, family trauma or a scheduled school activity will be given another opportunity to complete the assessment as per the school’s Assessment Policy. An exception to this is when a practical assessment can only be completed on that day (eg. Cross country).

  • In situations where several assessment opportunities are offered (eg. 1.3 Skill Performance) the student will be awarded the best grade achieved.For example, if a student attains a merit grade in volleyball, an achieved grade in cross country, juggling and ki-o-rahi, their final grade for 1.3 will be a merit as this is the highest grade they gained.

  • There will be an opportunity to re-sit or re-submit an assessment for each compulsory standard provided the student has met set deadlines and the student has made a reasonable attempt in the first assessment opportunity.

  • If assessment work is completed outside of class time, students are to ensure that the completed work is their own.

  • Once an assessment task is completed the student may be given a provisional grade which will be confirmed once internal moderation has taken place.If a student is unhappy with the grade they have been awarded they should discuss this with the classroom teacher in the first instance.If they are still unhappy they may ask the HOD for a review.If the student still feels the awarded grade is unjust, they may appeal to the Principal’s Nominee.Appeal forms may be obtained from the Student Centre.

Students will be encouraged to nominate themselves as a candidate for endorsement with merit or excellence.


Students will keep their notes in a file and their assessment evidence in a portfolio.

A minimum of 20 credits is required to gain entry into Level 2 Physical Education (including the 5 credits from 1.2). A minimum of 16 credits including the 4 for 1.5 is helpful when applying to gain entry into Level 2 Outdoor Education.