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Gold - the real deal!

As you know there are 4 sections to the award:

1. Physical Recreation (sport, dance, fitness, etc)
2. Skill (playing a musical instrument, cooking, astronomy, etc). Go HERE for a complete list of all the skills you can learn
3. Service (helping out in the community - refereeing, coaching, volunteering your time)

You must do each of these sections for 12 months
If you are a direct entrant to Gold level, one of them must be done for 18 months.

You must average 1 hour a week for each one.

You must get your activities signed of by an adult supervisor who is an expert in that area such as your team coach, music teacher or church leader (not just your nana or your mate).

You should be well underway with the first 3. If you haven't done anything you won't be able to go on an adventurous journey...

4. The Adventurous Journey

has 3 parts to it:

Training - 1 full day on the weekend and meetings at school

Practice - within 2 hours drive of Pukekohe for 3 days, 2nights

Qualifying journey - 4 days, 3 nights,
up to the group to organise the timing and where we'll go. At this level we are expecting you to be pretty much self sufficient. The mode of travel is up to the participants and can be on foot, bike, kayak, sailboat, or horseback. Anywhere in Aotearoa is completely feasible!

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