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Every Monday the music department rocks!
The main focus of Monday Rocks is to provide a rehearsal time, space and equipment to help our Rock Bands.
The events these rehearsals lead to are Smoke Free Rock Quest, Pacifica Beats and Stand Up, Sing Out.
If you play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard or Sing, we will find a band that fits your sound and before long you will be playing gigs and entering competitions.
If you are an established band, then the coaching by Mr. Granshaw will help you reach that next level.
Everyone is invited, come along.
Recent Success:
Smoke Free: 6 Bands entered "Band Names". "North and South" Made regional Final and won three awards......
Somke Free Soloist/Duet: 2 Entries "....."
Pacifica Beats: 2 Bands entered: "Band Names"
Smoke Free: 4 Bands entered: "Band Names: , with "Band Name Here" making it to the Regional Final.