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Students must be at school by 8:40 am each day. School ends at 3:25 pm, except on Wednesdays when students leave after period 4 which ends at 1:50 pm.  School buses leave aT 3:35 pm.

Absence Notes
It is a legal requirement that absences be explained.  School can be notified by phone and parents must provide an explanation on the Absence Form provided in the student planner on the first day of return to school.  Notes should be written and signed by the parent.

Leave of Absence
Requests for a student to have leave of absence are to be made in writing in advance to the principal at least two weeks prior notice is required.  A maximum of five days may be granted.

Leaving the School Grounds During the Day

During the school day no student, other than those in Year 13, may leave the school grounds without a pass. When a student is required to leave during school time, a note from home is required for him or her to receive a pass.  The school nurse will contact home if a student needs to leave school when ill.  Students must sign out at the student centre and, on their return to school, they must sign in.  The school has a well-stocked canteen and students are not allowed to leave school to have lunch.