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Pukekohe High School Clay Target Shooting
Coach: Mr R McKenzie
Coach: Mr K Douglas
Manager: Mrs Lianne Stanford
Calendar for 2017
Thursday 16 Mar     Auckland Met Clay Target Club   Pukekohe High / Kings / Waiuku College
Thursday 13 Apr      Thames Clay Target Club         Hauraki Plains College (Neil Castledene Mem)
Thursday 11 May      Taupo Gun Club                        Taupo Murray Lake Memorial
Thursday 15 Jun     Matamata Clay Target Club         Matamata College  
Thursday 6 Jul        Waikato Clay Target Club            Hamilton Boys High
Thursday 10 Aug      Putaruru Clay Target Club          Putaruru College
Thursday 7 Sep      BOP Clay Target Club                Tauranga Boys High

Saturday 30 Sep      Waikato Clay Target Club         North Island Champs
Sunday 1 Oct       Waikato Clay Target Club          National Champs
Monday 2 Oct      Waikato Clay Target Club          North Island & NZ Skeet Champs

Our Coaches this year are Mr Tex (Richard) McKenzie and Mr Kevin Douglas.

To shoot in the team you have to have your own gun or have one available for you to use.
You need to shoot at a gun club at least 3 times before you can shoot at a school competition. Our practices count for these.
We like to practice on Wednesday nights at 4.30pm (or 4.00pm earlier when daylight savings ends).  If you cannot make a practice, please let the Manager know. 
Our school competitions are held once a month and this will involve travel to venues like Hamilton, Tauranga, Thames, and Matamata.

Costs vary according to the number of targets you shoot.  We try to keep practices between $20 and $30.  The cost of shooting at a competition will vary slightly but is about $65 (which includes ammo). Travel expense will be an additional $10.

You must wear your school uniform shorts or the Sports Track pants (available from the School Uniform shop) to competition shoots.  We have our own team shirts that you will need to purchase (approx $50).  You can wear track or sports shoes as these may be more comfortable to shoot in. there will be NO jandals or sandals worn while shooting.

You must wear ear muffs when shooting.  These can be purchased from a hardware store.

The school Sports Office will have permission slips for you to fill in and have a parent sign when competing.  Please get these back to the school quickly.  If you don’t hand them in, you won’t be able to attend the shoots.

The school supports this sport but as you know shooting is an activity where there is absolutely no room for any mistakes or carelessness.  The school carries a HUGE responsibility for our shooters and each member has a responsibility to abide by our rules and decisions.  Any silly or unacceptable behaviour will almost certainly result in exclusion from the shooting team.

Safe Handling Practices

  • Treat all firearms as loaded
  • Always point your firearm in a safe direction
  • Load only when ready to fire
  • Identify your target
  • Check your firing zone
  • Store firearms and ammunition safely
  • Alcohol and firearms is a fatal mixture
  • At the Gun Club:

  • Always obey the instructions given
  • Don’t touch anyone else’s firearm unless with the owner’s express permission
  • Always carry a shotgun in the “broken” or “breach open” position.  Note:  There are special instructions regarding the use of semi-automatic shotguns.  See the coach regarding these.
  • Load only when instructed to do so.
  • Always point your shotgun forward when loaded.  Once fired you must ensure your firearm is safe (broken and unloaded) before turning from the shooting station.
  • When walking from Lane 5 to Lane 1 your firearm must be broken and unloaded.
  • A red flag displayed on the trap house means the trap house is occupied.  During the time the flag is displayed, NO firearms are to be loaded or sighted.
  • It is accepted that you do not move from your shooting station until the shooter to your right has shot.
  • Coaching

    We acknowledge that many people are themselves experienced shooters and may have already introduced their children to shooting.  We do request however that at any school practice or competition shoot, any coaching or advice given to the shooters be given exclusively by our coaches.  We are very fortunate to have two experienced coaches who are willing to give of their time, expertise and equipment.  We all want the best opportunities for our students competitively, technically and safety wise and the only way a team sport such as this can provide these things is to entrust the students to the coach’s guidance and care.  Obviously we value highly your support and presence and look forward to seeing you throughout the season.