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Hi to the Y 13 Chemistry classes!

In order to make you understand Chemistry better, learn faster and enjoy your lessons more there are additional resources available in this place.
Remember that you have left the realm of the sand pit, you got over kindy,  primary and junior secondary school and all that, and you have taken 100% control of your academic destiny.
The teacher is only a facilitator; he does not police you, he advises you.
The onus is on you to find your best way of learning, time management and depth of involvement. If you want to be successful, you need to put in some hard work, no matter how intelligent you are.

There are the write-on-notes, the CD with interactive revision programs and the practice problems.

Your teacher's advice:
Exhaust your own resources first of all. When you have done this, use some revision help from the internet like


Find your own learning style! - But be careful not to fool yourself: radios and TVs are not necessarily your friends when it comes to focusing on difficult concepts. FB, fridges, texting and any other form of socializing are the most common forms of procrastination;  - and "Procrastination is a waste of time!"

Revise often and in small but regular sessions.

Use your flash-cards.

Always do your homework plus a little bit extra.

Attend all classes and when you miss a lesson be diligent in catching up with the work you missed.

Form little learning groups (not bigger than 3 members) and work as a revision team; you really learn a concept well if you explain it to another person.

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