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On completion of each unit standard, the candidate will be awarded the appropriate number of credits. All credits gained can and will contribute to N.C.E.A. Level 1 and 2 and also the National Certificate in Furniture Making. There are no time restrictions placed on the candidate and he/she can attempt the skill tests as and when they feel confident enough and fully understand the performance criteria attached to each unit standard.





Assessment will be carried out by trained work place assessors, using the skill tests provided by FITEC. The type of assessment can vary depending on the performance criteria attached to each unit standard. The method of assessment used will be one or a combination of the following; written activities, oral questioning, observations and practical work.





Entry into this level 2 course will be determined by the student’s previous experience were he/she will have needed to have displayed positive work ethics, good attendance and achieved to a good standard in year 10 programme. It is also expected that the student will have an interest in this area and the approval of the Head of Faculty and/or the TIC.





Most of the materials required, are provided at a cost of $60 per year 11student and $70 per year12/13 student.

Should the student require any special materials, e.g. glass, native timber or the likes? These will be supplied by the student at their expense. The projects produced by the student will remain the property of the school until all course cost have been covered.