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Welcome to 11DIT - Digital and Information Technology

Digital technologies impacts on every aspect of our lives and are vitally important to New Zealand’s growth in the 21st century. Our students need opportunities to develop digital knowledge and skills so they are equipped to respond to rapid changes in our society.

Digital Technologies focuses on applying and knowing about computer science and digital applications.  It refers to the ever-evolving collection of digital software and hardware.  This includes the growth of integrated digital technologies that can be accessed virtually anywhere, anytime.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of information management and digital media and also to create outcomes for these concepts.

Students will also have the opportunity of learning the basic concepts of computer science and creating basic computer programs.

This course supports pathways to tertiary and industry.  For technology education this means supporting students' technological literacy to the point where they exit schooling.

This course supports as many pathways as resources and student aspiration allow.  Regardless of which pathways students select, this course will provide an important way of viewing and interacting with the world and prepares the students as future digital citizenship.

The Course Outline and Year Planner is available on the class space.