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Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. These include applications, multimedia, productivity applications, mobile devices, social media, online games, cloud computer etc.

Courses in Digital Technologies offer the development of knowledge and skills using a wide range of exciting Internet and computing technologies. The courses are designed to ignite a passion for digital technologies, and to lead students into a rewarding and fulfilling future and further studies.

Digital Technologies include:
Digital Citizenship - 
includes: etiquette, communication, literacy, access, commerce, law, rights and responsibilities, health and wellbeing (text entry skills and safe working practices) and security (self protection).   Explores the impact of digital technologies on society and builds to discussing, analysing, and comparing digital solutions for contemporary issues.

Digital Information -
includes: computer functions, file management, computer applications and applying digital information skills.  Focuses on the use of productivity software and the use of digital technologies to support everyday life.

Digital Media - includes: the characteristics of digital media, tools and techniques, applications, design elements and principles, procedures ethical consideration and the integration of digital media types.

Computer Science and Computer Programming - includes: concepts of algorithms and programming language, concepts of user interface and usability.

Electronics and Control Systems

Senior Courses include:
Computer Studies (COM) - 
Unit Standards - core generic computing (application based)
Digital Technologies (DIT) - Achievement Standards - demonstrate and understanding of concepts and apply / implement ....