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Hi All

I have created this page as a development site that is hidden from the world. This page should not be altered but any pages we are working on or developing can be stored as a sub page of this one and they will be hidden. Basically, as this page is hidden and can only be seen by Administrators, any pages in the sub-pages will be invisible regardless of the settings of that page.

Benefit to us is we can move the pages as we need to hide or un-hide them and can play with a page without the public being able to see it. This shold help stop any embarrassing errors and if we are half way through a page we don't have to worry about finishing it, we can leave it looking messy and come back without it being seen by the public.

I would also suggest that we use the WIKI to share any ideas we have and to discuss any improvements that could be made.



Sub Pages:
Puzzle Page